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Article: New trilobites from the Tremadoc Series of Shropshire

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 10
Part: 1
Publication Date: May 1967
Page(s): 47 59
Author(s): R. Hutchison and J. K. Ingham
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HUTCHISON, R., INGHAM, J. K. 1967. New trilobites from the Tremadoc Series of Shropshire. Palaeontology10, 1, 47–59.

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A new locality in the Shineton Shales of the Cardington district is referred to the Clonograptus tenellus Zone. The fossils are compared with related and similar forms previously known from the Wrekin district. The fauna includes three new species of trilobites—Asaphoon pithogastron gen. et sp. nov., Dichelepyge phylax sp. nov. and Myindella crux gen. et sp. nov. D. phylax represents the first recognition of Dichelepyge outside South America. Myindella crux suggests that the Family Myindidae is closely related to the Hapalopleuridae and should therefore be included in the Suborder Trinucleina.
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