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Article: Lower Carboniferous spores from north-west England

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 10
Part: 1
Publication Date: May 1967
Page(s): 1 24
Author(s): Mavis A. Butterworth and Edwin Spinner
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BUTTERWORTH, M. A., SPINNER, E. 1967. Lower Carboniferous spores from north-west England. Palaeontology10, 1, 1–24.

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Assemblages of spores are described from coals and shales of the Lower Carboniferous (Bewcastle Beds to the Lewis Burn Coal Group) of north-west Cumberland and Northumberland. Forty-three species are recorded. The following new taxa are proposed: (Megaspores) Setispora gen. nov., Aneuletes reticulata, Setispora pseudoreticulata, Triangulatisporites? membranatus, Zonalesporites conacies; (Miospores) Convolutispora planimuricata, Dictyotriletes plumosus, Lophotriletes plicatus, Lycospora rugulosa, Orbisporis convolutus, Tholisporites cumbriensis.
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