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PhD Opportunities

This lists details the PhD projects that we are aware of. They are by no means exhaustive and the institutions listed, and others, may well be offering additional projects. Further details for many of these projects are already available on institutional websites. Note that application deadlines can be as early as January, and interviews usually take place during the period January-April.

To add a PhD opportunity please use our online form: Add a PhD Opportunity.

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Institution: Liverpool John Moores University
Supervisor(s): Dr. Robbie Rae (LJMU), Dr. Peter Falkingham (LJMU )
Funding Status: Funding is in competition with other projects and students
Description: Analysis of DNA from ancient specimens collected from archaeological digs and museums has revolutionised our evolutionary understanding of many organisms including humans, insects, plants and even bacterial pathogens (Swarts et al. 2017; Slon et al., 2018; Thomsen et al., 2009). However, temporal analysis of DNA from metazoan parasites is lacking, as many taxa (e.g. nematodes, cestodes and trematodes) are microscopic, are soft bodied and do not fossilise (Littlewood et al., 2003). More information...
Expiry Date: Friday, September 4, 2020